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This site is dedicated to all the fantasy enthusiasts out there who love to immerse themselves in another world filled with heroes, magic, and settings that make your imagination taste buds dance with delight. My name is Jason McWhirter and I have been a fantasy fan since I was little and I first got my tiny hands wrapped around Lloyd Alexander's Chronoicles of Prydain series. I remember staying up late at night by the fire wondering what would happen to Taran and how a young assistant pig-keeper would be able to face the dangers presented to him with courage and tenacity that knows no social walls. Then I found Tolkein, Salvator, Butcher, Gemmell, and many others. I played Dungeons and Dragons and doodled pictures of sword wielding knights fighting fire breathing dragons. I was, and am, a fantasy nerd.

Why did I create this site?
I started writing screenplays first with the dream of seeing them on film. My twin brother and I, hence the name Twiin Entertainment (with two i's on purpose), have always had a dream of visually seeing our stories on the big screen. My brother traveled the world as a model for several years before ending up in Hollywood with the ultimate goal of breaking into the movie industry. He spent many years in Hollywood, seeing some success, before coming back home and reestablishing his roots here in the Pacific Northwest. Together we have written several screenplays, as well as each of us writing some individually. My goal was to create fantasy stories that could bring together the same feelings I get when I read my favorite fantasy authors. I created this site to share my work with other like minded individuals and to make my work available to anyone as interested in fantasy as I am. When it comes down to it, I will not be sad if I don't ever make it as writer, as the pleasure I have gotten from creating my stories is enough for me.

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