The Shadow Knight, book one of the Shadow Knight novels
From the author of the Cavalier Trilogy and the Steel Lord Series, comes a new adventure with Jonas Kanrene, once a Cavalier to Shyann, now her Shadow Knight. Join Jonas as he takes on the mantle of his new role, protecting the lands of Kraawn from the evil forces that wish to see it black and burning with their maleficent desire.

Thought to be just a story sang by bards to ale infused patrons, a legend of a demon, a tale told to weary children before bed, is found to much more than that. A demon that terrorized the land of Rothar long ago is freed once again, and its anger and desire for blood is unquenchable.

An intricate plot develops as two kingdoms, ancient enemies, work to pacify their grievances through a political marriage, all the while the wakened demon is building a new army, servants who will help it unleash its fury on the lands once again.

Jonas Kanrene, Shadow Knight to Shyann, finds himself, along with his faithful night wolf, Tulari, farther west than he has ever been, brought there to face the demon and destroy it forever. For if they cannot prevail, then the demon will liter the lands with carnage never seen before.

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