Stone Blood Cover

The Final Chapter of the Five Lands Saga is now available!
There was a time long ago when the Five Lands were at peace, the various races united by an ancient race called the Dar-dan. But the golden age came to an end when the Dar-dan mysteriously left, shutting down the portals connecting the five continents and plunging the lands into war, persecution, and violence. Warlords rose from the ashes and after thousands of years each of the lands forgot about the other, separated by terrible storms and acid seas that could not be crossed without the ancient gates.
But now, the emperor has managed to open a long-lost gate, setting the Five Lands on a course of war and destruction. Emperor Rane now cleaves his way through the lands, seemingly unstoppable. But the Dar-dan left a fail-safe behind, a warrior of an ancient race, and now he has found a Stone Blood, a young orphan boy carrying the blood of the ancient Ar’kan warriors. Kith Caren, now an Ar’kan warrior, must defeat Rane and end his bloody subjugation of the Five Lands. Can Kith destroy the demon-like creatures Rane releases from Skell? Can he and the rebels defeat Rane and his army of Danites, closing the gates once again? If not, then the Five Lands will face destruction the likes they have never seen.

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