Welcome to my new book series, The Five Lands
Book one of the Five Lands Saga is now available! I am steadily working on book two but it won't be at least a year until it's complete, likely mid to end 2018. The new world was fun to create and I hope you enjoy the story.

Dive into a new world!
The Five Lands...vastly different, seperated by dangerous acidic seas.

An ancient race, long ago mining the lands for its field stones. But now the Dar-dan are gone, vanished, the only remnants of their existence held in the minds of the Hiskani, a race that now worship the Dar-dan as gods.

The magic of the Dar-dan is unearthed once again, setting the Hiskani tyrant, Lord Rane, on a path of subjugation stained with the blood of his people.

But there are some who will resist, and another, a young orphan boy, who finds himself linked to the ancients in a way he isn't prepared for. Join Kith Caren as he searches for a path in life, and, in the end, for a way to save their world.

Welcome to the Five Lands!

click the link below to purchase the book:

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