A Year of a Thousand Casts
This book was a lot of fun to write, mostly for the fact that I was able to write about my passion, fly fishing, but also because it was a nice change from my fantasy genre. Read the book summery below and please give it a shot. I'd love a review and your feedback if you enjoyed the story. The link to Amazon is below:


Take a look at the book summary
Jena O’Malley had a great life. Until her world shattered when her husband passed away from pancreatic cancer, catapulting her on a path she never imagined herself choosing. Taking a leave of absence from her work as a pediatric intensive care nurse, she learns that her husband has sent her a posthumous last request, one that sends her on an emotional journey of healing, the catalyst, his passion for the sport of fly-fishing. Chris O’Malley’s life was cut short, before he was able to check off his bucket list the places he had longed to fish before he died, sending his wife in his place, his ultimate goal for her to learn and appreciate the joys of the sport, to deposit some of his ashes at each location, and to help her heal her broken soul. He sends her to five locations around the world, with each step of her journey providing new experiences and insights about life, as well as a deeper connection to her husband, his primary wish: for her to live happily without him. Join Jena on her quest as she eventually grows to understand her husband’s passion for fly-fishing, consequently seeing the world, and her husband, through a different lens, her broken heart mending along the way.

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