Banner Lord, book two of my Steel Lord Series, is now available!
The Kingdom of Dy’ain has been taken by the Saricon Horde, House Dormath’s throne usurped. But not all is lost; the young prince escaped, catapulting the lands into a struggle between the conquerors and the rightful ruler of Dy’ain.
Jarak Dormath, once Prince of Dy’ain and now the rightful King, must find a way to win his land back and reclaim his birthright. The ultimate struggle begins as Jarak and his mighty companions attempt to raise an army to defeat the powerful Saricons, all the while being hunted by assassins as his land is overrun by the fearsome warriors, followers of their war god, Heln.
Will their inherent magic see them through their trials? Can the martial skills of Brant Anwar, a scarred fighter from the brutal Schulg pits see them through to the very end? One this is for certain, the tumultuous struggle will leave a wake of destruction across the lands, leaving behind a broken land controlled by either foreign invaders, or the rightful ruling house. Only time will peel back the vail of uncertainty.

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