The Glimmer Blade is now available!
Welcome to the first Chronicle of Corvell, stand alone books starring the main characters from the Steel Lord Series.

If you loved Brant Anwar, then this is a must read!
Twiin Entertainment delivers again, launching another fast paced action fantasy that will keep you up a night begging for more!

From the author of the Cavalier Trilogy and the Steel Lord series, Jason L. McWhirter brings you a gripping story filled with heart pounding action fueled by a burning anger that can only quenched by blood.

Ten years after the Saricon Wars, Brant Anwar, the legendary swordsman who defeated the Saricon war leader, thus freeing Dy’ain from Saricon shackles, finds his past catching up to him in a most heart wrenching way. Brant’s peaceful and secluded life farming the land with his wife and adopted children has been shattered as his old path of violence and war catches up with him. For unknown reasons, his wife and adopted daughter are taken, setting Brant on a path of bloodletting so fierce that he can only be stopped by finding his loved ones alive, or killing those who took them. Join Brant as he hunts for his wife and daughter, enacting his rage on anyone that gets in his way.

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