Welcome to BannerFall, book 1 of the Steel Lord Series!
In this extraordinary new fantasy epic, Jason L. McWhirter, author of the Cavalier Trilogy, leads readers into a new world where the fate of a land and of a people rests upon two young men. One is an untried prince and the other a scarred fighter molded by a life of violence. Can their unlikely alliance save their people from a dire threat far from the West? For they will face a merciless invasion by a violent and fierce new race bent upon subjugating them to their fearsome god Heln.

A storm of change has blown in from the South, ushering in the conquering army of the Saricon horde and their frightful war god Heln. Tall and powerful, their spirit and bodies born for war, the Saricon have swept all before them and now locked their cold blue gaze upon the lands of Dy’ain and the Kul-brite steel trade. For whosoever controls the precious metal of the Lords shall possess the power and wealth to reign supreme over all the lands of Corvell.

House Dormath, the rulers of Dy’ain, prepares for war. Their elite Legion, long-standing protectors of their land and Argonian faith, hoist shield and sword in defiance of the mighty invaders. But how can even the fearless Legion stop the Saricon where so many before them have fallen to their blades? Two religions, two separate ways of life, clash in an epic battle fueled by conquest and self preservation as two young men, born of contrasting worlds and forged in violence and war, converge to become House Dormath’s last hope.

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