Welcome to the Lands of Corvell and Belorth!
The Steel Lord Series is my new two part adventure that takes place in the lands of Corvell and Belorth. Book one is called BannerFall, and book two is called Banner Lord. Click the buttons above to purchase the books.
I'm very exited about this series as it travels a completely different path than my Cavalier Trilogy. In those books, I stuck with the tried and true, good vs. evil archetype all within a Tolkienesque world. But in my new series I branched out and created an entire new world, a new magic system, and new peoples and creatures to live in it. I really enjoyed this process and am excited to see how my fans like it.

Welcome to the Chronicles of Corvell
Book one of the Chronicles of Corvell, The Glimmer Blade, is now available. My plan for these stand alone books is to write about the main characters from the Steel Lord series, particularly Brant Anwar, the bad ass swordsman from that series. Even though the books are stand alone, I would highly recommend you read the Steel Lord Series first as it gives you the background of the world and characters that the Chronicles center around. Click the link above for more information and links to purchase The Glimmer Blade.

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